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What Are The Most Common Surgical Scars? (And How to Treat Them)

Ever wondered how to heal surgical scars? Let's take a closer look at 3 of the most common surgeries that leave behind significant scarring— and how silicone scar products can help treat them.

The Features of Scars: What Causes Scar Discoloration, Raised Scars, & More

While some people cherish their scars as a reminder of their past, the majority of us don’t love the look that scar tissue brings to our appearance. Luckily, the appearance of scars naturally diminishes over time一 but there are also ways that you can speed up this process.

What is a Keloid Scar?

Keloids are a type of raised scar that come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, and are usually rather disorganized looking. Learn about what causes keloids, who gets keloids, and how to flatten raised scars with scar treatments that work.

How does the Rejuvaskin Scar Treatment System work?

Silicone is by far the best way to get rid of scars. But how do scar products work? Let's take a look at our own Scar Management System to see why it's so effective.
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