Blepharoplasty - Eyelid Scar Management

If you want to open and brighten your eyes and look more fresh and less tired then a blepharoplasty is the solution for you. As we age our eyelid region becomes smaller and we begin to get wrinkles and show hollowing or fat bags. 

And that's where our exclusive Rejûvaskin ScarSil Silicone Scar Gel can assist you after the Blepharoplasty procedure.

Silicone is proposed to aid in healing by regulating fibroblast production, reducing collagen production, and modifying expression of growth factors.

Meet The Silicone Scar Gel 

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Rejûvaskin ScarSil Silicone Scar Gel

Many people who have blepharoplasty say they feel more self-confident and feel they look younger and more rested. For some people, surgery results may last a lifetime. For others, droopy eyelids can recur.

Taking Care After Eyelid Surgery

Bruising and swelling generally lessen slowly in about 10 to 14 days. Scars from the surgical cuts may take months to fade. That’s where ScarSil Silicone Scar Gel comes in. It shortens the time it takes for your scar to fade. When the scar has faded you can use Scar Esthetique Scar Crème to even out skin tone and moisturise the eyelids. Take care to protect your delicate eyelid skin from sun exposure. For that we have Rejuvaskin Mineral Facial Sunscreen.

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Rejuvaskin ScarSil Silicone Scar Gel

How It Works


ScarSil is a 97% Silicone Gel used by plastic surgeons and dermatologists to soften and flatten raised scars. ScarSil Silicone Scar Gel can also help prevent surgical scars from becoming keloids or hypertrophic using a healing mechanism similar to our silicone sheeting.


ScarSil dries clear, odorless, and water-resistant for completely discreet scar management. You’ll forget it is even there! Since ScarSil is practically invisible, the silicone gel is perfect for facial scars or other areas of high visibility.


Vitamin C, Squalane, and Emu Oil improve the gel’s texture and performance. These key ingredients soothe the skin and eliminate discomfort. Many patients remark that ScarSil helps relieve itchiness and discomfort associated with scars.


ScarSil is non-comedogenic, it won’t clog pores or cause you to break out. Also, the gel's gentle formula and easy application are ideal for pediatric scars. We commonly work with children that have been burned, had surgery or suffered other injuries to help reduce scarring.

Physician Approved Scar Heal System

Combine our three silicone based scar management products for a comprehensive scar healing system.


Scar Fx worn at night.

At night place Scar Fx Silicone Sheets over your clean dry scar. The occlusive barrier provided by the silicone scar sheet helps create an ideal healing environment for your scar. 


ScarSil applied during the day.

During the day apply ScarSil Silicone Scar Gel 2-3 times to help maintain the healing environment. ScarSil also helps relieve itchiness and discomfort associated with scars.


Scar Esthetique for discolouration.

Once your scar is flat and smooth, apply Scar Esthetique 3-4 times daily to target remaining discolouration. Many patients see continued results through longterm use of Scar Esthetique.

How ScarSil Silicone Scar Gel Can Help Your Scar

Mineral Facial Sunscreen

ScarSil Silicone Scar Gel softens and flattens raised scars. The silicone gel dries quickly forming a clear layer of silicone over your scar. This barrier limits collagen production to help minimize and prevent problem scarring. It’s best for scars less than two years old. ScarSil is effective for surgical scars, keloids, hypertrophic scars, facial scars, pediatric scars, and more.

Medical professionals recommend ScarSil Silicone Scar Gel in over 80 countries around the world. The scar gel is 97% liquid silicone, the number one ingredient for scars. It’s gentle, clean formula is safe and effective for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Since it is easy to use and discreet, this gel is the best product for facial scars and pediatric scars.

ScarSil is more than silicone. It also contains Vitamin C, Squalane, and Emu Oil which help improve your experience using the product and the result for your scar. These essential ingredients help relieve itchiness and discomfort associated with your scar. They also provide additional scar healing benefits.