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About Scintera

Phil Elmes 

Managing Director

Scintera Pty Ltd

Scintera is proudly a wholly owned and managed Australian company dedicated to bringing the highest quality, most innovative skin health and vascular medicine products from around the world to health professionals and consumers in Australia and New Zealand.

We are a young company, founded in 2008, but with over half a century of experience and knowledge in its senior management.

Research and innovation are at the core of our mission, and our dedication to science has established the brand as a leader in the advanced skin care arena.

We put our customers first in everything we do. That means responding quickly to enquiries, getting products delivered promptly and giving our customers a 100% guarantee of quality and performance.

Each member of our team is an expert in his or her field and we are here to help you, whether you are a doctor, nurse, allied health professional or consumer looking for the right product.

We work only with manufacturers that are innovative and have quality as their No. 1 priority.

100% Laboratory Tested

100% Laboratory Tested

All products are carefully lab tested to international standards

Not Tested On Animals

Not Tested On Animals

All products are committed to not testing on animals

Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Produced entirely from natural ingredients, safe for all skin types

Science-Backed Ingredients

Every formula is reinforced with clinically backed science. Each ingredient is carefully selected and included to make a difference for the targeted concern. We are committed to natural and clean products where possible and rely on third party governance to help us stick to it. 

The reason: we know you're counting on it!

Our products provide scientifically proven skin improvement crafted in elegant formulations for customized skincare regimens.

An advanced skincare backed by science.

Mission & Vision

Your health and well being is our mission. Your skin is your face to the world. A healthy, glowing skin means a happier, more confident you. We want you to be the best you can be. That’s our commitment to you.

Our Impact

We have partnered with Rejûvaskin International to provide the absolute best in skin care.

Together, we have an extensive and effective range of products that focus on Scar Care and Management (Scar Fx, ScarSil, and Scar Esthetique) and Skin Care (Advanced Firming Cream, Mineral Facial Sunscreen, Skin Recovery Cream, Stretch Mark Cream, and Anti-Pollution Facial Cleanser) that are scientifically proven to assist you in your skin care journey.

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New Collection

Rejûvaskin Dermacosmetics 

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Facial Moisturiser, Retinoid Eye Cream, and Retinoid Face Serum