Advanced Firming Cream

Advanced Firming Cream

New For 2021

Advanced Firming Cream

A luxurious, rich moisturizing cream loaded with skin-restoring ingredients that improve skin elasticity, tone, and firmness to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging. The firming cream is easily absorbed and non-greasy.

Help Your Skin Bounce Back And Stay Hydrated

Collagen and elastin are key components of your skin that help it bounce back for a natural, firm, healthy appearance. Using effective ingredients the Advanced Firming Cream moisturizes the skin to improve firmness and tone the skin.

Smooth Crepey Skin, Fine Lines, And Wrinkles

Crepey skin, fine lines, and wrinkles are some of the most common concerns as the skin ages. The Advanced Firming Cream is designed to help smooth the texture of the skin by providing key nutrients and hydration.

Apply It Anywhere For Healthy, Youthful Skin

We recommend applying the Advanced Firming Cream to your neck, décolleté and body. These are the most common areas that people ask about, but you can really apply it anywhere that you would like to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture or tone.

Unique Mix Of Herbal Extracts And Key Compounds

We know that in skincare it's important to be safe AND effective. That's why we use a combination of essential compounds, floral extracts and natural ingredients to help make a cream that gives you results you'll be happy with. Our formula has been reviewed by the Good Face Project to ensure it is safe to use.

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