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The Cesarean (C-Section) Section Scar Heal Kit

The combination of Scar Fx Silicone Sheet 3.75 x 22.5cm and ScarSil Scar Gel is clinically-proven to complete your healing process.

Add our amazing Stretch Mark Cream from your first trimester to prevent and manage stretch marks.

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How To Heal Your C-Section Scar

Bringing that bundle of joy home is indescribable! However, if your delivery involved a c-section, the healing process can be tough. Not only do mums have a newborn baby on their hands to care for, they also need to make sure they’re caring for themselves too, letting their bodies heal after this major surgery. 

After the c-section scar has healed, mums are typically left with either a vertical or horizontal hypertrophic scar, meaning it’s usually quite noticeable. For those looking to minimize this mark with effective c-section scar treatment, we’ve got just the thing!

How Long Does It Take To Heal From A C-Section?

A Caesarian section (more commonly known as a c-section) is considered a major surgery, as your surgeon will be cutting through several layers of muscle and tissue. Because of this, c-section healing time can take quite a while. Typically, most women see their c-section scars healed in about 6 to 8 weeks. Then the work of scar management can begin.

C-Section Recovery: How To Take Care of A C-Section Scar

Since a c-section is such an intense surgery, you’re going to need to take extra care during the recovery process. This involves getting plenty of rest and avoiding vigorous activities. Some do’s and don’ts of c-section recovery include:

Recovery Do’s:

• Rest when you’re tired
• Sit & bond with your baby
• Shower regularly
• Hold a pillow over your scar when you laugh or cough
• Go on regular walks

Recovery Don’ts:

• Lift anything heavier than your baby
• Use tampons or have sex
• Take baths or soak in hot tubs
• Do any strenuous exercise 

C-Section Scar Treatment

So what is the most effective, nonsurgical treatment for a c-section scar? Studies have shown that silicone is the gold standard for scar management. 

But why silicone? First, it’s important to note that scars result from excess collagen production caused by water loss. Silicone sheets create an occlusive barrier over your scar. This limits the amount of water loss and reduces collagen production. 

Silicone also transfers tension from the ends of the wound to the silicone itself and decreases capillary activity to reduce redness resulting in a softer, flatter (and less red) scar.

Get Rid of Your C-Section Scar

At Scintera, one of our key areas of expertise is scar management. We have several products that can be used as an effective scar management regimen after a c-section. The best option is the Scar Heal Kit for C-Sections which includes a 3.75 x 22.5cm 100% medical grade silicone sheetScarSil Silicone Scar Gel, and hypoallergenic tape.

The trick to our Scar Heal Kits is to use the silicone sheeting at night and then apply ScarSil Silicone ScarGel 2-3 times during the day for maximum results. With a simple, quick wash each morning, the silicone sheeting can be reused for at least 30-45 days, so you should be set for the duration of your scar’s healing process.

While the kit is usually the best option, you can also opt to just use the silicone sheeting or just ScarSil. After using these products for about a month, if you still notice some discoloration or hyperpigmentation that you want to get rid of, we recommend our Scar Esthetique Silicone Scar Cream.

We know mums just want to feel their best and scar management after a c-section can help with that!

"Silicone has been shown to help reduce the appearance of scars over time. Using silicone gel or a silicone sheet on your scar can help your body break down unsightly scar tissue."

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