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Radiation Relief

Rejuvaskin Skin Recovery Cream was developed for radiation patients. This moisturizing cream helps fortify, soothe and revitalize skin affected by several skincare concerns. It’s unique blend of ingredients provides hydration, support and structure to your skin. Our goal is to help you maintain skin health throughout radiation treatment.

Stretch Marks

Rejuvaskin Stretch Mark Cream provides an easy, non-invasive way to minimize the appearance of unwanted stretch marks. It’s about more than moisturizing your skin. This cream helps prepare the skin for growth to reduce the likelihood of stretch marks occurring. Our unique blend of ingredients keeps the skin hydrated and nourished.


Rejuvaskin Anti-Pollution Facial Cleanser protects against pollution. The gentle cleanser removes damaging particles and fights the activity of free radicals. Pollution can cause irritation, dryness, dullness, acne, and premature aging. Guard against these side effects with a cleanser designed to remove particulate matter.

Advanced Firming Cream

Our Advanced Firming Cream is a luxurious, rich moisturising cream loaded with skin-restoring ingredients that improve skin elasticity, tone, and firmness. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles associated with ageing. The firming cream is easily absorbed and non-greasy.

100% Mineral Facial Sunscreen

A 100% mineral facial sunscreen that helps prevent sunburn and skin damage using zinc oxide as physical protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays. All this, paired with niacinamide helps calm and soothe the skin to promote overall skin health.

Facial Moisturiser

A luxurious gel-cream moisturizer that helps soften fine lines and improve appearance of skin texture. Made with ReVita-D Complex™ a unique blend of superfoods and botanicals that moisturize and provide luminosity to reduce the signs of visible aging. Good Face Project approved.

Retinoid Eye Cream

A nourishing eye cream that delivers key nutrients and smooths skin for a healthy, youthful appearance. Made with Tri-RetinX Complex™ a unique blend of retinoids that delivers potent results and supports skin health. Good Face Project approved.

Retinoid Face Serum

Restore a youthful glow to your face while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, and nourishing your skin with the key nutrients it needs. This gentle face serum uses a blend of retinoids & botanical extracts to stimulate collagen production & smooth your complexion. The star ingredient is, of course, our Tri-RetinX Complex, a unique blend of retinoids that delivers potent results and support skin health.

The Essential Skin Care Collection

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