How To Get The Best Results From Your Stretch Mark Cream.

It’s quite possible that stretch marks are one of the most long-lasting pregnancy issues; however, not only pregnant women will experience them. If you are a bodybuilder or you lose weight rapidly, it’s very likely that you will develop stretch marks, too. One of the most important thing to know about stretch mark cream is when to start using stretch mark cream.

Tips & Tricks For Stretch Mark Cream

Here at Scintera, we want you to get the most out of your stretch mark cream. While products like our Stretch Mark Cream are amazing at what they do, they need to be used properly for you to see maximum results. Here we have collected a list of tips and tricks that can help you get the best results from your stretch mark cream: 

How To Properly Apply Stretch Mark Cream

Every product will be different, but most creams recommend that you apply a decent amount to the affected area. Stretch mark creams are mainly effective due to their ability to hydrate and plump up the skin, all while stimulating the production of new collagen. For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you use enough cream. Follow the directions on your bottle of product; we recommend using three fingertips worth of our Stretch Mark Cream to adequately cover the area.

When Should You Apply Stretch Mark Cream?

We're often asked one common question: when should you start using stretch mark cream during pregnancy? First and foremost, know that stretch marks are more easily prevented than they are eliminated. You can reduce your risk for developing stretch marks by starting the application of stretch mark cream now. Yes, right now. Whether you're about to start lifting weights, or entering your second semester of pregnancy, stock up on cream and apply it liberally.

These creams aren’t just moisturisers— they’re also skin protectants. They both moisturise the skin and lock in moisture. Due to this, we recommend that you apply stretch mark cream when you get out of the shower or after a swim. Aside from these times, first thing in the morning and before bed are also great times to apply the Stretch Mark Cream. 

How Often Should You Apply it?

The answer to this question will ultimately depend on how dry your skin is and what season you are in. For example, people who live in dry regions of the country in the winter time are likely to need more frequent applications. Keep an eye on your skin; it should be consistently moisturised and never flaky, red, or itchy. Rejuvaskin’s Stretch Mark Cream only needs to be applied twice per day.

Which Stretch Mark Cream Is Best?

We might be a little bit biased, but we really love our Stretch Mark Cream. A high quality cream should include polypeptides like Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12 and ceramides like ceramide-2 for maximum collagen protection and stimulation— both of which are in Rejuvaskin’s Stretch Mark Cream. Take a peek at our product today and order yours before stretch marks even become a problem!

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