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Winter Skincare Tips: How To Maintain Healthy Skin In Cold Weather

You hear a lot about taking care of your skin in the hot summer months. And for good reason; the high temperatures, harsh sunlight, and other elements are terrible for your skin. But what about when it's so cold that you desperately want to avoid ever leaving home?

5 Benefits Of Using Silicone Scar Sheets after Breast Surgery.

Using silicone scar sheets after breast surgery can provide several benefits for scar healing and recovery.

6 Skin Types - Knowing your Skin type

Do you know what skin type you have? Knowing your skin type can help you select the right skincare products to supplement your skin where it needs it.

Compression Stockings: Do you know what "Compression Type" is?

One of the confusing aspects of choosing the right compression stocking is to understand the level of compression. Compression stockings have a range of numbers to indicate how much graduated compression the garment has.
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