Healthy Ageing Rejûvaskin Dermacosmetics Bundle

A simple three-step system that includes our retinoid skin serum, retinoid eye cream, and facial moisturizer.


Healthy Ageing Rejûvaskin Dermacosmetics Bundle

A simple three-step system that includes our retinoid skin serum, retinoid eye cream, and facial moisturizer.

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We've added our Advanced Firming Cream to this amazing bundle.
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A simple three-step system that includes our retinoid skin serum, retinoid eye cream, and facial moisturizer. And with this Healthy Ageing Bundle we include our Advanced Firming Cream for a well rounded solution. It's everything you need for a complete daily routine to address the visible signs of aging and restore healthy skin. Good Face Project approved.

Part of our Rejûvaskin Dermacosmetics™ Line

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How It Works


A key component of this daily facial serum is our own proprietary retinoid blend known as Tri-RetinX Complex™ : Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate (HPR), Bakuchiol, and Sea Fennel. These three ingredients act as natural alternatives to retinol, while still effectively reducing fine lines & wrinkles, for smoother, brighter, healthier looking skin. 


Perhaps one of the more overlooked contributors of visible aging is within environmental stressors. Over the years, pollution, free radicals, and the sun all take their toll in weathering your skin. This serum helps detox and protect your skin from these stressors with its abundance of gentle antioxidants.


Each of these ingredients were carefully selected for its proven ability to help improve the appearance of your skin, and aid in healthy aging. Together, they create a gentle, satisfying blend of botanicals, retinoids, and other natural ingredients.


While retinols are well-known for their incredible skin-improving results, they’re also a bit notorious for being pretty irritating. In fact, some skin types can’t handle them at all. Our blend of natural retinoids offer similar effects without the irritation. It’s also been reviewed & approved of by The Good Face Project, a third-party organization dedicated to high safety standards.

3-Step Dermacosmetic System

Rejûvaskin has released a new Dermacosmetics skincare system! Follow these steps to moisturize & smooth your skin!

Start With Retinoid Face Serum

Introduce your skin to a new retinoid face serum!

Apply Retinoid Eye Cream

Brighten your eyes before your face to ensure it absorbs into the skin.

Massage ReVita-D Face Moisturizer

Deep hydration formula with our proprietary blend of ReVita D.

Rejûvaskin's Dermacosmetics™ FAQ's

What are retinoids & are they healthy for me?

Retinoids are a class of compounds that are derived from Vitamin A. (The retinoids we use are particularly derived from naturally-occurring sources of Vitamin A.) Well-suited for just about any skin type, retinoids are known for their ability to improve collagen production, thus reducing fine lines & wrinkles.

When should I apply my retinoid face & eye serum?

While we formulated our retinoid face serum & eye cream to be as non-irritating as possible, everyone’s skin is different. That’s why we recommend starting simple, only using this serum once a day, and working your way up to 2 times a day; AM & PM routines.

Will this irritate my skin?

Our Tri-RetinX Complex, superfoods, and herbal extracts were designed to address issues while still leaving your skin hydrated! Take a look below at our main ingredients and why we chose them!

(PS - Another way to make sure you’re combating irritation from retinoid serum in general is to pair it with our Facial Moisturizer with ReVita-D to prevent dryness & seal in deep hydration).

My skin feels a little dry after each use. Is that normal?

A little dryness is normal after using the Tri-RetinX Face Serum. However, if your skin feels excessively dry or appears red, consider using it every other day and slowly, working your way up to once a day. We always recommend pairing it with our Facial Moisturizer with ReVitaD to entrap hydration throughout your skin!

When do I apply the face moisturizer with ReVita-D?

Moisturizer generally should be used twice: once in the morning, and once at night. When you apply it this way, it ensures the 24 hour hydration for your skin! It doesn't take much to do the job!

We recommend a dime size to start with and gently massage it into your face. If more is needed, add a tiny bit more to the desired area.

Do you have any other skincare products?

We have a skincare collection page filled with all your skincare essentials.


Rejûvaskin Dermacosmetics™

Rejûvaskin Dermacosmetics™ are designed to be integrated within your already existing skincare routine! Made with superfoods, herbal extracts and our moisturizer with a ReVita-D complex and our retinoid cream & serum with Tri-RetinX that will leave your face glowing and smooth, while also protected from environmental stressors!

Tri-RetinX Eye Cream. Designed for the most sensitive area on your face, around the eyes. With the use of our superfoods, ultra moisturizers, and our unique blend of retinoids, you can address dark circles and puffiness while maintaining healthy and hydrated skin!

Tri-RetinX Face Serum. A nourishing serum made up of the Tri-RetinX Complex to smooth outer surface lines and wrinkles with no irritation! Superfoods like white tea extract helps neutralize against free radicals, whereas licorice & cranberry extract produces brightened skin. Last but not least, everyone’s favorite: hyaluronic acid to retain moisture and soothe dry skin.

ReVita-D Face Moisturizer. Formulated with our proprietary ReVita-D formula, this luxurious moisturizer acts as a protection booster against environmental stressors. Strong antioxidants promote detoxification of the skin and protect against pollution. Your skin will feel stronger and have a "bounce" back texture!

Not tested on animals

Natural and Synthetic - No animal product used

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