Scintera's All-Inclusive Solution To Counteract Significant Scarring

Whether you have had a recent surgery or had a traumatic event developing a scar seems inevitable. After all, scarring is a sign that your skin is on the mend. However, if you are concerned about the appearance of your scar, there is a solution. It's silicone!

Silicone is proven effective for scar management and is well documented as the GOLD STANDARD for surgical and traumatic scars. Our Scar Heal product line provides physician-approved solutions for problem scarring. Each product is designed to either prevent significant scarring or improve the appearance of scars.

Maybe you suffer from unsightly acne scars or have hypertrophic scars or keloid scars and are looking for scar treatment. Or, maybe you are simply looking to reduce the signs of skin ageing. Whichever, our skin care range is specially selected to give you products that improve the health and aesthetic qualities of your skin: Products that improve self confidence and work together to improve the appearance of scars, smooth out fine wrinkles and prevent cellulite.

Scar Fx silicone sheeting is recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists worldwide. Our silicone scar sheets are easy to use and effective no matter the size, shape, color, or location of your scar. Scar Fx forms an occlusive barrier over your scar to limit collagen production and reduce the appearance of your scar. It's the perfect product to help get you on your way to healthy, beautiful skin following any surgery or traumatic injury.

No matter the size, shape, or color of your scar we have something that can help get rid of it. Our products are recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons around the world. Whether you are looking for a complete scar kit, silicone scar sheeting, silicone scar gel, or scar cream, we have you covered. Find what works for you!

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