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Why rose bears make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

They are a luxurious symbol of Love
You can gift them to anyone
They’re unique and thoughtful

Scar Heal Kit 25 x 30cm w/ScarSil w/3M Tape

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Scar Heal Kit 25 x 30cm w/ScarSil w/3M Tape

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Advice for a rose bear

Keep your anniversary gift going on forever

  • Do not water the roses or use any type of chemicals/liquids as this will immediately damage the roses. 

  • Do not expose to high levels of humidity and moisture.

  • Keep the roses in a cool dry place indoors at around room temperature

  • If the roses need cleaning use a gentle soft brush or a light feather duster

  • Occasionally brush the roses to remove dust that can accumulate over time

Order a high-quality rose bear!

The production process described includes high-quality resin flowers that are sold on a custom basis and decorated.

Cheap Rose Bear

Poor-Quality Gluing

Roses glued unevenly. Visible foam and glue.

Number Of Roses Used

Bear is made from 200 roses.

Poor-Quality Material

Wrinkle-free and inexpensive roses

No Warranty

Seller offers no warranty for quality and delivery.

Rose Bear By Gem

High-Quality Gluing

All bears are handmade in Europe.

Number Of Roses Used

Bear is made from 500 roses.

High-Quality Material

We sort and prepare all roses manually.

Money-Back Guarantee

Refund within 14 days if you are not satisfied.

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