8 Eczema Tips: How To Reduce Your Outbreaks

December 7, 2022

Do you or a loved one suffer from eczema? If so, you’re probably already familiar with the constant struggle that is keeping this condition under control. In this post, we’ll take a look at some tips for eczema, including how to manage an eczema outbreak out of nowhere with at-home eczema treatments.

Tips For Eczema Sufferers

#1: Keep A Variety Of Creams On Hand

Depending on your symptoms at the time, your skin may need a soothing cream (like our Skin Recovery Cream) or a simple moisturizer. At other times, more serious intervention, like in the next tip, may be required. Keep many different types of at-home eczema treatments on hand so that you always have what you need. 

#2: Know When To Use Steroid Creams

If you’re wondering how to manage an eczema outbreak out of nowhere (or at least one that seems to come from nowhere), steroid creams may be your lifeline. We say this with a note of caution: It’s not sustainable to use steroid creams constantly, and you definitely shouldn’t. However, knowing when it’s best to make use of these treatments can be helpful. For example, use steroid creams when:

Nothing else is providing relief that will keep you from itching or rubbing the area.

There is inflammation in the area that isn’t subsiding.

The spot isn’t getting any better or worse over several days.

Before making any decision however, we definitely suggest talking through your options with your doctor.

#3: Avoid Scented Anything

In general, eczema sufferers are extremely sensitive to perfumes and scents. This may even extend to essential oils for you. If you can try eliminating scented soaps, cosmetics, detergents, fabric softeners, and other soaps and cleaners you come into contact with every day, you might be able to avoid painful breakouts.

#4: Avoid Your Personal Triggers

If you have a certain topical allergy, make sure to avoid that material. This might seem like an obvious tip, but it’s incredibly important一 and easy to forget. For example, people that have reactions to low-quality jewelry should only wear accessories made from surgical-grade titanium. Some people are also able to wear 18 or 24 karat gold, though this option is much more expensive.

#5: Stay Moisturized

The exact causes of eczema are largely unknown. However, an eczema outbreak usually starts because the skin is overly dry and in need of some TLC, often a result of a damaged skin barrier. You can prevent this damage from occurring in the first place by keeping your skin hydrated and well-nourished.

#6: Stay Hydrated

In order for your skin to stay moisturized on the outside, it needs moisture on the inside. Drinking plenty of water has so many health benefits, and it certainly won’t hurt your odds of having clearer, healthier skin!

#7: Reduce Daily Stress

We know how impossible this sounds, trust us. However, even the National Eczema Society recommends reducing stress to help with your eczema symptoms. You could try daily meditation, taking a warm bath, using aromatherapy (just avoid contact with the oils), taking deep breaths, using visualization techniques, or engaging in prayer. Whatever works for you will help reduce cortisol levels in your body and reduce stress-related inflammation!

#8: Quit Smoking For Good

Did you know that cigarette smoke can both aggravate your skin and make it more sensitive to eczema outbreaks? Just like with stress, the inflammation caused by cigarette smoking could be the root of your eczema woes. There are so many reasons to quit smoking, but your skin will certainly thank you, too.

Unfortunately, eczema isn’t something that can be cured with some undiscovered life hack or magic potion. That’s why your best bet is to learn & avoid your triggers, and keep your skin as happy and healthy as you can make it. One of the ways many of our own customers and patients have been able to improve the condition of their skin (and by extension, their eczema), is through our Skin Recovery Cream!

This cream is jam-packed with soothing, powerful ingredients that hydrate & fortify your skin, which can work wonders in preventing and calming down eczema flare ups. Try it out for yourself today!

Skin Recovery Cream

Skin Recovery Cream

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