6 Reasons Why Our Radiation Burn Cream Is The Best

July 21, 2022

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, your cancer specialist may recommend you receive radiation therapy as part of your treatment plan. Many patients have good success with radiation therapy in killing cancer cells; however, there are side effects that may come along with radiation therapy, one being negative effects on the skin. 

Thankfully, there are radiation creams that can treat the burning, redness, and itchiness caused by radiation. We believe our unique and proven radiation cream is one of the best creams for radiation burns available. Don’t believe us? In this blog, we will share 6 reasons why we think our radiation cream is the best!

What Does Radiation Do To The Skin?

One of the side effects of radiation is that it can have adverse effects on the skin. Radiation can cause red, itchy burns or patches on the skin. These effects can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful for some. Radiation burn cream helps to relieve this pain. 

Benefits of Rejuvaskin Skin Recovery Cream 

#1: Nourishing Ingredients 

Our blend of botanical ingredients such as calendula and aloe vera work to nourish, support and hydrate the skin. If you’ve ever had sunburn, you may have applied aloe vera to treat the burn. Radiation therapy can cause burns on the skin and aloe naturally helps to soothe those burns. 

#2: Boosts Collagen

Collagen is a key natural component found in your skin that works to foster growth and repair, which is essential after radiation therapy. Skin Recovery Cream uses a unique blend of bamboo, pea, and glucosamine that work to boost the production of collagen in the skin.  

#3: Keep Skin Better Moisturised

Radiation therapy can cause extremely dry and flaky skin, which can be uncomfortable and itchy. Skin Recovery Cream contains hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin retain water. This increased water retention will improve the skin’s overall hydration. 

#4: More Than Radiation Treatment 

Rejuvaskin Skin Recovery Cream was specifically developed for patients going through radiation in mind, yet our customers use it for more than that. Rejuvaskin can also be used for sunburns, eczema, and other similar skin issues that may create dryness or burning or itchiness. 

#5: It’s Gentle and Easy to Use 

Skin Recovery Cream contains gentle and natural ingredients that won’t further irritate the delicate areas of your skin affected by radiation. It works best when used two weeks prior to the first treatment. After your radiation therapy, just applying the cream 3-4 times a day to the affected area a few hours after your session. 

#6: Easily Can Buy Online

And the best part? You can buy Rejuvaskin Skin Recovery Cream online with the click of a button. 

Not all radiation skincare products are created equal. If you are interested in seeing what all the fuss is about, get your own tube of Rejuvaskin Skin Recovery Cream today and try it out! We believe you’ll join the many other people who have found success in using our product.

A recovery cream designed to fortify, soothe, and nourish damaged skin. Developed for radiation relief, Rejuvaskin Skin Recovery Cream combines botanicals and naturally occurring chemical compounds proven to support healthy skin. 

Skin Recovery Cream

Rejuvaskin Skin Recovery Cream was developed for radiation patients. This moisturising cream helps fortify, soothe and revitalise skin affected by several skincare concerns. It’s unique blend of ingredients provides hydration, support and structure to your skin. Our goal is to help you maintain skin health throughout radiation treatment.

Key botanicals like aloe and calendula soothe skin affected by radiation and delay reactions. Hyaluronic acid helps retain moisture, keeping your skin hydrated. Our proprietary blend of bamboo, pea, and glucosamine improves collagen and elastin synthesis, key structural components of your skin.

It’s not only for radiation patients. The Skin Recovery Cream is safe for use by individuals with eczema, excessive sun exposure, extreme dry skin, and other concerns. The clean formula is safe for use on sensitive skin. Physicians and nurses recommend Rejuvaskin for patients undergoing radiation therapy.

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