Rejuvaskin Scar Esthetique Scar Cream 60ml

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Rejuvaskin Scar Esthetique® Scar Créme 60ml - Scintera Pty Ltd

Scar Esthetique Scar Cream helps to minimize the appearance of scars while supporting overall 

skin health. 

Rejuvaskin Scar Esthetique Scar Cream is an ingredient packed scar cream that targets discoloration on the cellular level. 

Rejuvaskin Scar Esthetique® Scar Cream



• Description

Rejuvaskin Scar Esthetique® helps minimize the appearance of scars while supporting overall skin health.

Rejuvaskin Scar Esthetique® Scar Cream is an ingredient packed scar cream that targets discoloration on the cellular level. 

If your scar is severe, raised, or significant consider using Scar Esthetique in our combination therapy provided by our Scar Healing Kits. 

An ingredient-packed silicone scar cream designed to soften and brighten your scar. Scar Esthetique targets discoloration (hyperpigmentation) and supports overall skin health. 

• Ingredients

Scar Esthetique includes 23 ingredients proven effective for scar management. Silicone is on top of that list because it is widely accepted as the gold standard in scar therapy, so we knew it was crucial for an effective scar cream.

The scar cream uses silicone, polypeptides, botanicals, and antioxidants to improve the appearance of scars. Our unique formula targets discoloration to even skin tone and nourishes the skin.

Onion Bulb, Arnica, Grape Seed, and Calendula are just a few of the all-natural botanicals featured in this cream. Each plays an important role in reducing the appearance of your scar.

• Also Used For

Uneven Skin Tone, Discoloration, Hyperpigmentation, Simple Scars from surgeries, burns, or traumatic injuries, Old Scars, Long-term Care.

This is our recommended product for scars older than two years and long-term scar management. It is also Phase 2 of our Scar Management System.


• How To Use

It doesn't take much. We recommend starting with a small amount on one or two fingertips and massaging it in to your scar in a circular motion. Be sure that you use enough to completely cover the scar, but the cream should absorb easily.


Scar Esthetique FAQ's

• How long does it take to see results?

It really depends on your scar. You may begin seeing results in as little as a few days or a few weeks. Remember, complete results can take time. Be sure to document your progress with before and after photos!

• Can I use Scar Fx silicone sheeting along with Scar Esthetique to maximise my results?

Using Scar Fx silicone sheeting in combination with Scar Esthetique is a great choice to maximize results! First use the Scar Fx silicone sheeting and once your scar is flat and smooth, you can begin using your Scar Esthetique to target any remaining discoloration. It will help finalize your scar healing journey. Some patients continue to use if for long-term scar care.

• Why are there so many ingredients in Scar Esthetique?

We wanted to make a scar cream that combines the best scar ingredients for one complete scar solution. Each ingredient was carefully selected to provide a specific benefit for your scar and all around skin health.

• How does Scar Esthetique help with older scars?

Older scar are no longer in their active remodeling stage and the combination of the ingredients in Scar Esthetique and the massaging action used during application can break down excess collagen and reduce remaining hyperpigmentation.

• Is this cream good for anything other than scars?

Scar Esthetique was designed specifically to help with the appearance of scars. However, we've heard from many patients that the scar cream works for stretch marks, melasma, and other forms of hyperpigmentation.

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